Text to Win Sweepstakes - An Illustrated Story...

Text to Win Sweepstakes - An Illustrated Story...

Considering a text to win? See how a text (SMS) marketing sweepstakes works with our illustrated story.

Nathan wants to build excitement for his kick-ass product

It’s awesome. And he wants to get new customers excited about it too. If he can do it while boosting sales, even better. That’s his goal, but how does he get there?

Set a goal for your text to win

A sweepstakes! Everyone loves winning free stuff.

He’s not Oprah, but he can still get people excited by giving away an awesome prize. He needs to make it easy to enter from the store or anywhere though. Use paper forms? Nah, too much work. Social media? It could help, but not everyone’s on it. What about text? He knows anyone can send a text message.

A text to win sweepstakes!

Easy to enter, easy to promote and your text message sweepstakes is easy to manage on a platform like Sweeppea. It’s a win for him and a win for customers.

Everybody wins with text to win!

So he contacts his stores with his idea and gets a nice surprise...

Stores love sweepstakes too! To show off his text to win, they’re giving his product extra display space… an endcap even. He’s going to make the most of his text to win promotion with displays to get attention from customers in stores. Shoppers will want to buy his product and enter his text to win contest at the same time.

Stores love text to win sweepstakes too!

It works beautifully... people enter while in the store and he builds a list of interested consumers.

Nathan’s excited to see how many people enter during his text to win. All they have to do is text his brand name (or Sweepkey) to the number 65047 and they’re in.

They get a chance to enter to win a fun prize and he gets a chance to spread the word about his awesome product to new customers. And with the sweepstakes and featured display space, he gets more sales too!

A text to win is easy to enter and easy to manage.

So how does a text to win sweepstakes work? It’s easy to setup...

Nathan got started in 3 steps and you can too.

  1. Select a plan and reserve your Sweepkey, the word people will text when they enter. It can be your brand/product name or any word you choose.

  2. Set up your text sweepstakes. Our platform sets you up with settings ready to go or you can customize them. You’ll even get help with rules with our Official Rules wizard. You can add an online entry form too, in case you want to collect an entrant’s name, age or email. You can also draw text message sweepstakes winners automatically by selecting a winner every X number of participants.

  3. You’re now ready to lunch your text to win sweepstakes. Woohoo!

What happens during your text to win?

  1. Fans who want to win your awesome prize will send a text with your Sweepkey to 65047. They’ll get an auto confirmation text back.

  2. The platform will collect entries while you run your business. It’ll stop taking entries on the end date/time you choose.

  3. Use our random winner picker to choose a lucky winner and send them a text saying, “Congrats! You’ve won!

  4. When it’s over, you can bask in the glory of a successful SMS marketing promotion! We’re sure you’ll get kudos from your boss or client. ;)

To learn more about Sweeppea, see our Features or contact us.

How to set up a text to win in 3 easy steps.