Send Text Messages to Job Applicants

Fill jobs faster by texting candidates or applicants with reminders, interviews or job openings by SMS.

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  • Text messaging can feel more personal, which is a key component of the hiring process.
  • Texting (SMS) is the preferred medium of communication for candidates ages 18-44.
  • Text messaging is immediate and removes the need for voicemails and phone calls.
  • 73% of job seekers also prefer to receive targeted job opportunities via text. Source
  • Cut down the time it takes to fill a position. 90% of recruiters report using text messaging helped speed up their process significantly. Source
  • Unlike email, text messages are not subject to SPAM filters. When you send a text, the candidate gets it immediately.
  • Prospective candidates can opt-out by replying with the word STOP to the text message.

Key Features

  • Upload your applicants list.
  • Send (SMS) messages to job candidates.
  • Reports confirm which applicant received the text.
  • Create a list of candidates. Job applicants can text a KEYWORD to 65047 to join. You can create a custom keyword for your account.


  • Free to use, pay only for the text messages you send.
  • Per text = $.05 Ex. Send a text to 50 applicants = $2.50.
  • We also have custom plans.

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