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Settings Goals for Your Text Sweepstakes and How to Meet Them

Are you generating enough customer leads to meet your revenue goals? Or are you targeting your text sweepstakes to the right audience to meet your brand awareness goals? If you’re just winging it, you’re much less likely to hit your numbers.

That is why setting realistic goals for your campaign is important. To help you achieve campaign success, here are some tips on how to set and meet your text sweepstakes goals.

Well-Defined Examples of Campaign Goals

If the goal of your text to win is simply that you want more leads and sales or a larger email list, then your marketing goals need more work.

Here are some examples of text sweepstakes campaign goals that are well-defined:

  • We need at least 2,000 subscribers and 2 potential leads within the 3 months following our text sweepstakes.
  • We would like to generate 10 new monthly subscription sales from our existing customer list.

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How to Set Your Text Sweepstakes Goals Based on Your Business Goals

Before you run your text sweepstakes, you should set goals for your campaign that can be measured. Without goals and measurement of the metrics needed to show your goal was met, you won’t be able to prove your campaign was successful.

Here are 4 steps that will help you to set goals for your text sweepstakes campaign:

  1. Define your overall goal(s). For example: getting the word out, increasing your subscriber list, boosting website visits, getting potential leads or sales, etc..
  2. Identify the metrics you’ll track to show success in reaching your goal.
  3. Determine how many subscribers, visits, sales, etc. you expect.
  4. Figure out how many text sweepstakes entrants you’ll need to achieve these goals. (You may need to take into account your closing rate of converting leads to sales, etc.)

Now that you know how to set your goals, you’ll need to structure the sweepstakes with them in mind. If subscribers are important, for example, be sure to ask for emails. Once you begin, regularly review your campaign analytics to determine if your campaign is on track.

Measuring Your Campaign Goals

Here are some measurement tactics for each type of goal:

Goal: Gain New Subscribers (potential customers)

Measurement Tactics:

  • Measure text sweepstakes entrants: You can gain subscribers for your mobile list or email list as long as you collect that data upon entry. (Mobile number is collected automatically.)

Goal: Build Brand Awareness 

Measurement Tactics:  

  • Sweepstakes entrants on Sweeppea
  • Reach or impressions of your marketing or advertising for the campaign
  • Engagement on your social accounts and shares of your sweeps’ web entry form
  • Press mentions, blog comments and website traffic

Goal: More Sales

Measurement Tactics:

  • The number of leads and/or sales during and after your text sweepstakes
  • Increase in sales conversions from text sweepstakes entrants

Set regular benchmarks for all metrics. If you’re just getting started, it may take some time to tweak your promotions before and during the sweepstakes so that you get the results you’re looking for.

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