Pepsi Uses Text to Win (SMS) for Oscar Sweepstakes

The soft drink giant has been involved with mobile marketing since the very beginning. Pepsi knows well that their target audience is highly mobile engaged.

    “We’ve found that consumers are more willing to engage in a promotion via SMS than other methods of entry because it’s quick, convenient and now an   extremely commonplace form of communication,” said Gina Anderson, director of media relations at PepsiCo, Purchase, NY.

This mobile sweepstakes is well made because it fits the promotional moment well. This sweepstake runs with Regal Cinema during the pre-movie commercials. Moviegoers are instructed to send a text message with the code found on their Pepsi soft drink cup to a shortcode for a chance to win instantly.

The components that make this mobile sweepstake likely to succeed are:

  1. Right timing– During the pre-movie commercial run when moviegoers are awaiting the feature film.
  2. Target- Young demographic of moviegoers who are well aware and very comfortable with using text (SMS) messaging.
  3. Channel: The easiest and fasted way to enter a sweepstake is through texting in (text-to-win).
  4. Incentive: Participants will know right away if they have won one of instant win prizes or they remain entered to win the grand prize trip to the Oscars.

Good job Pepsi!

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