What to Do When The Winner Doesn’t Accept the Sweepstakes Prize

What to Do When The Winner Doesn't Accept the Sweepstakes Prize

Who doesn’t want to win something? Surprisingly, some people don’t. Here’s what do when the winner doesn’t accept the sweepstakes prize.

Sometimes people win prizes that they simply can’t use. Perhaps the acceptance terms of the prize overlap dates for which they already have plans, the prize comes with a high tax bill or the winner entered the sweepstakes with the intention of winning a different prize. Regardless of the reason, they want to decline your offer and you’re now stuck with a dilemma.

However, this won’t be a major problem for you if you make sure that your rules incorporate provisions for such situations.

Include Provisions for Declined Prizes in the Rules

Be sure your sweepstakes rules include clauses stating that the prize “cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash or substituted by winner.” Make it very clear that if person can’t take the prize (they can’t travel on the trip, or don’t like the prize, for example), then they will have to forfeit it.

Disallow Prize Transfers

While it may seem that your company is being unfair, disallowing trades and transfers actually serves some very important purposes. Firstly, it prevents your prize from being used in a way that your company didn’t intend for it to be used.

Disallowing transfers ensures that the prize will not be given to someone who is not actually eligible to win the prize because that person did not directly enter the sweepstakes. Allowing winners to transfer their prizes to others is unfair to the other participants in your sweepstakes and could lead non-winners taking legal action against your company

A Winner Who Wants to Trade the Prize Must Forfeit

By not allowing a winner to trade the prize, you can avoid trading something of more or lesser value for the original prize. Secondly, allowing winners to trade prizes could hurt your relationships with the companies you’ve partnered with for sweepstakes prizes.

Secondly, never allow winners to trade prizes for cash. The purpose of a sweepstakes is to boost your brand. When you just give away cash, you are simply paying for engagement that won’t do anything to boost awareness of your brand or emphasize its unique positioning within the market.

When it comes for dealing with unexpected circumstances during your sweepstakes, rules are vital to avoid these types of concerns. With complete rules that are designed to address all sorts of problems, you can avoid ending up with lawsuits on your hands.

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Supermarket Offered Free Bacon For a Year in Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Supermarket Offered Free Bacon For a Year in Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Hy-Vee Supermarkets appealed to bacon lovers with their prize… free bacon for a year.  They tied their promotion to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, one of the top baconfests in the world. Hy-Vee, a chain with more than 240 stores in the Midwest, ventured into text-to-win and saw success with this promotion.


  • To create a fun text-to-win to promote Hy-Vee Supermarkets during an event.
  • To convey to bacon lovers (and grocery shoppers) that Hy-Vee Supermarket is the place for great bacon.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and emails.

Promotions Channels:

  • In venue advertising
  • Social media promotion


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails collected.

Prize: Hy-Vee vouchers for a 12-month’s supply of bacon

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Pet Store Pet Supermarket Mobile Contest

How Pet Supermarket uses text-to-win

A highly valued prize? Check.

Easy entry? Check.

Text coupons with high conversion? Again, check.

Pet Supermarket’s text-to-win has all the elements of a successful program and is indeed seeing huge success. Free pet food for a year certainly gets attention and with a new winner drawn every month, the buzz stays high.

Text-to-win signage in pet store chain

By using our text-to-win platform they’ve developed a mobile subscriber list in the thousands. Best of all, they increase their store sales with each text they send after the sweepstakes. They offer exclusive discounts and coupons that have generated a 7% to 12% conversion rate for sales in store.

How Pet Supermarket uses text-to-win

They also announce each month’s winner on Facebook, generating another round of excitement and entries. As their program has proven, text-to-win and text message marketing are cost-effective and efficient and can return high ROI.

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Case Study: 90+ Cellars Gets More Retail Space, Promotes New Wines with Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Wine & spirits companies gain retail space with text-to-win

Food and beverage companies use sweepstakes not only to help their brands with customers, but also to help their positions in store.

Wine and liquor brands like 90+ Cellars for example, get a competitive edge with this type of campaign. They can ask the store to help them feature the promotion with an endcap or special display. These endcaps and displays boost sales and gain attention, while the text-to-win helps them build a database of customers. It’s a win-win.


  • To create a fun and engaging text-to-win sweepstakes to promote their new wines.
  • To gain preferential end-cap shelf space and product positioning in retailers.

Prize: $100 gift card to Market Basket

Results: Hundreds of participants to start their mobile customer database.

Client said: “The Sweeppea platform worked very well and we would gladly use it again if we have another need for a text-to-win platform.”

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Sweepstakes Marketing Tactics You Can Adopt from Big Brands

Sweepstakes Marketing Tactics You Can Adopt from Big Brands

Building a strong brand may seem difficult when your company has a limited budget for marketing. Fortunately, the power of text message marketing puts the strategies that big brands use within reach for smaller companies.

Here are several powerful sweepstakes marketing tactics that you can adopt from big brands.

Take it Mobile With Text-to-Win Entry

Allowing participants to enter your sweepstakes with a mobile text-to-win can make a big difference in the number of subscribers. It’s convenient (especially in a retail environment) and fast, which makes it appealing to consumers. Don’t forget to make your sweepstakes available for entry through your website and via social media, as well.

Offer Instant Win Prizes

With today’s technology, instant winners can be drawn automatically with software. For example, you can set an instant win for the 120th entrant (if one instant winner) or for every 25th entry (for multiple instant winners). Instant win prizes create a sense of urgency and excitement and give Millenials the instant gratification they like.

In fact, bd’s Mongolian Grill ran a very successful sweepstakes using this same tactic. They asked fans to visit a location for the secret code to enter their 25th anniversary give away and awarded instant win prizes every day. The result was increased foot traffic at all of their locations.

Offer Experiential Prizes

Unique experiences are memorable, which is why experiential prizes are trending. A DJ-hosted party at the sweepstakes winner’s home or tickets to a summer music festival are examples of experiential prizes.

These prizes can be more effective than product giveaways, because they allow the sweepstakes winner to share the prize with their friends and family, in turn attracting more fans to your brand.

Additionally, experiential prizes are more likely to be shared by winners on social media, which will give your sweep an additional boost.

Vallarta Supermarkets used this tactic when they ran a sweepstakes offering a tailgate party package as the prize. The prize included 60″ HDTV, $300 Vallarta Supermarket Gift Card, a BBQ Grill and a Live DJ.

With the sweep promoted on FM station Power 106 and a focus on the communities they serve, Vallarta Supermarkets generated thousands of participants.

Use Sweepstakes Data in Omnichannel Marketing

When you run a sweepstakes, you can collect various data points from your participants, including phone numbers, email addresses, and more. As you’ve probably noticed, whenever a big brand gets you to sign up for a promotion, they then use this data to send you offers later on other channels.

You can do the same for your company by using sweep data in your omnichannel marketing. This is marketing across several platforms, including web, social and mobile, to appeal  to the interests of those who entered and expressed interest in your brand.

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