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How Do You Know If Your Text-to-Win Was Successful?

What does a successful text-to-win campaign look like? Even the biggest brands sometimes have trouble defining what a successful text-to-win campaign actually is.

This is because every campaign is different and the numbers that ultimately mean that a campaign was successful are different for every client.

However, there are some campaign metrics that you should pay close attention to if you want your text-to-win campaign to meet the goals that you’ve set. Here are a few ways to help you measure the success of your text-to-win campaign.

Total Participants

Your first goal for your text-to-win campaign should be to set the number of total participants for your campaign that you would like to attract. If you’re not quite sure how many participants your campaign should attract in order for you to consider your text-to-win campaign as a success, that’s okay.

In fact, almost all of our clients don’t have exact numbers in mind when we ask them how many total participants would be ideal. However, it is important that you come up with a ballpark figure for the number of total participants you would like to attract.

Redemption Rate

A high redemption rate for your text-to-win campaign means that the prizes that you selected for your campaign are highly relevant to your audience. In addition, it also means that that you were able to engage your text-to-win campaign participants.

Opt-Out Rate

The opt-out rate allows you to see how people react to your SMS marketing efforts once the text-to-win promotion has ended. If you’ve found there are a significant number of opt-outs following the announcement of the prize winners, you probably did not provide enough value to your subscribers.

However, a low opt-out rate signals that you’re able to keep your subscribers engaged, which means that you’ll have even more opportunities to market your products or services to them in the future.

When you combine these three metrics, you’ll have a clear view into the success (or failure) of your text-to-win campaign. If you want to guarantee the best results, you should also make sure to follow these text-to-win best practices as you plan out your campaign.

When you define your goals for your text-to-win campaign while also making a clear plan to achieve them, success is nearly guaranteed!

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