Groupon vs Mobile Coupons? Which is best?


You may have heard by now of Groupon and other deal-a-day sites that offer discounts from local businesses. There have been online discussions on whether or not those deals are really profitable for the businesses that offer them. Lately, there have also been comparisons to mobile marketing.

But from a business owner’s perspective, the two services aren’t the same at all. Really. Read on to find out how mobile marketing offers a few advantages over Groupon.

How mobile marketing differs from Groupon:

Your offer is available right away
If you’re familiar with Groupon’s process, it asks readers to vote on a deal. Only after a deal gets a certain number of votes, is it offered to everyone for purchase. With a mobile coupon, your offer is available right away to everyone on your list.

Mobile offers are opened fast
How many emails do you ignore or leave unopened? Now compare that to how many text messages you leave unopened. We’re gonna guess the difference is fairly large, since on average less than 20% of emails are actually opened and read. With mobile, your offers reach people on the device they’re least likely to ignore—their cell phones.

YOU control the subscriber list
With Momares, you own the subscriber list—a very targeted list of potential or previous customers. With Groupon, your only access to subscribers is through the site and on its terms. You have no control. And that’s not a good thing considering Groupon has made mistakes in the past. According to this Groupon analysis, one store saw its deal posted with the wrong terms. By the time it was fixed, 400 deals were sold with the wrong terms and Groupon told the owner she had to honor them.

You CAN build loyal clientele
It may seem like ‘everyone’ is on Groupon, but a large percentage of their subscribers are actually coupon junkies. They may be good for a one-time hit of extra business, but don’t expect all (or even a good percentage) of them to come back. Your mobile list, on the other hand, includes those who showed interest in your company and are more likely to become loyal customers.

The numbers make sense
Why pay a large commission to offer a discount? With our mobile marketing program, you pay a monthly fee—and a low one at that. That’s it. There’s no revenue sharing involved. Unlike Groupon which gets 50% of the revenue generated by your deal. And by the way, we hear the credit card transaction fees for the Groupon deal come out of your half.

A low cost to entry, high open rates and an opportunity to build loyal clientele. These are major advantages with mobile marketing that you won’t get from Groupon. Try it and find out for yourself.

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