Is Your Marketing on Mobile Yet? Here’s Why It’s Getting Critical

Is your marketing on mobile yet? If you aren’t already using mobile marketing, the stakes are now higher than ever. Here is why SMS marketing is getting critical.

1. Americans are Spending More Time on Mobile Devices

In 2016, eMarketer reported that Americans were spending an average of 10 hours per day on their mobile devices. In fact, Americans spend more than 500 hours per year navigating websites or talking on their mobile device.

This means that there are ample opportunities for other businesses to capture the attention of these individuals. If you won’t take advantage of these audiences, others will.

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2. Interest in Mobile Commerce is Higher Than Ever

More consumers than ever are now using their mobile devices to purchase items from online retailers. In fact, over half of e-commerce visits now start on a mobile device. Businesses that use mobile marketing to attract sales will see an increase in revenue.

3. Shoppers Can Engage With Mobile Campaigns in Stores

SMS marketing gives consumers the opportunity to engage with a brand’s mobile campaigns while they shop in-store. Businesses that run text sweepstakes can take advantage of this: an in-store promotional display for your text to win campaign can attract more entrants.

4. SMS Open Rates Are Higher Than Email Open Rates

SMS has an open rate of up to 98%. In addition, 90% of people who open a text message will read it within 3 seconds of opening it. This fact blows email marketing out of the water. By following up with your customers during and after a text to win campaign, you can use SMS to convert more of those leads to sales.

5. Mobile Marketing is Popular Across All Demographics

With the adoption of smartphones and tablets on the rise, mobile marketing is becoming an effective tool for reaching audiences across all demographics. This development means that marketers now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach their mobile audiences first.

Take advantage of this opportunity to reach your customers via SMS. To get started with Sweeppea now, see features and pricing.

Why You Should Hire a Text to Win Sweepstakes Management Firm to Handle Your Sweepstakes

Why should you hire a text to win sweepstakes management firm to manage your text sweepstakes? Here are a few answers…

Why can’t we just have someone in-house run it?

It’s not to say that someone from your team can’t do it, but there are a few good reasons why you should hire experts. The first has to do with efficiency and ROI. Do you know what works best? What’s the most effective way to structure it? What are the rules that might impact the campaign, especially in your industry? These are all things we can answer quickly. We’ve worked on so many sweeps in various industries, we can tell you how to structure it, based on what has worked and what hasn’t.

Also, official rules are important. Your legal team might not specialize in promotions law and might not know about the rules of telecommunications or text message marketing. It’s best to work with someone who’s aware of all of the latest changes in this field.

Let your team to focus on what they do best and review the rules and campaign we create for you.

We found a similar text to win promotion from another company. Can’t we just model that?

It’s unlikely your promotion will benefit from using another’s structure and setup. Your goals will likely be different and there may be other issues and rules to consider. It can also be dangerous to use the official rules of another your campaign. They may not be legally compliant for sweepstakes in general or your industry in particular.

Okay, so we have a social media app. We can just announce and run it there, right?

Wrong! There is so much more that’s needed when running a text sweepstakes. Although you can promote it on social media, you can’t rely on those platforms to handle the legal issues for you. Plus, it’s always best to run promotions that boost your own mobile or email subscriber lists, not Facebook’s or Instagram’s.

Don’t forget behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that need to be done. We offer these services:

  • Secure state board approvals for alcohol sponsors
  • Review advertising materials for compliance
  • Register & bond sweepstakes when needed
  • Gain winner publicity & liability release

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Do we really need official rules?

Many SMB clients who want to run a text sweepstakes with a small prize or over a short duration ask if they even need official rules in the first place. Absolutely, yes.

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Any campaign that you run needs to comply with the laws of the jurisdictions in which the campaign will run. Keep in mind that official rules are there to protect both you and your customers. And at the end of the day, it can protect you from a lawsuit.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not you want to hire an outside firm to handle your text to win, let us know.

We’re here to answer all of your questions! To get started now, see features and pricing.

Target “Super Mobile” Users with a Text to Win in Spanish

Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users among digital consumers in the U.S. according to Nielsen’s most recent Total Audience Report. In fact, they spend more than 14 hours per week using apps, listening to audio, watching videos, and browsing the mobile web.

And when it comes to other things that we do with our phones, such as talking and texting, the same trend seems to apply. For example, Nielsen Mobile Insights also found that the average Hispanic mobile user uses 658 minutes on their mobile plan, which is significantly higher than the average across all demographics of consumers at 510 minutes per month.

Hispanics Are More Satisfied With Their Mobile Devices Than Other Groups

The study also uncovered that Hispanics have a high level of satisfaction with their mobile service providers as well. With high levels of both engagement and satisfaction, Hispanics have become Super Consumers.

Their high levels of satisfaction also mean that they are less likely to switch devices or carriers, which means Hispanics are more likely to stick with brands they like and are familiar with.

With a population that is estimated to account for more than half of population growth in the United States by 2020 and nearly 85% of growth by the year 2060, their current $1.4 trillion spending power will skyrocket.

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There are many businesses targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. Why not get in on the action with a text to win? Here are the reasons why you should target “super mobile users” with a text to win in Spanish and how Sweeppea can make it easy for you.

Build a Text to Win in Spanish With Sweeppea

You can use Sweeppea to target Hispanics in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with campaigns in their language. With this option, you can set the language to Spanish to give you full functionality in that language.

Not only will the dashboard and behind-the-scenes instructions appear in Spanish, but your text messages, confirmation messages, entry forms and official rules for your campaign will as well.

This option is available in both our self-service and full-service plans. For our full-service plans, even winner contact can be done in Spanish.

Request a free demo of our Spanish language platform today! To get started now, see features and pricing.

Settings Goals for Your Text Sweepstakes and How to Meet Them

Are you generating enough customer leads to meet your revenue goals? Or are you targeting your text sweepstakes to the right audience to meet your brand awareness goals? If you’re just winging it, you’re much less likely to hit your numbers.

That is why setting realistic goals for your campaign is important. To help you achieve campaign success, here are some tips on how to set and meet your text sweepstakes goals.

Well-Defined Examples of Campaign Goals

If the goal of your text to win is simply that you want more leads and sales or a larger email list, then your marketing goals need more work.

Here are some examples of text sweepstakes campaign goals that are well-defined:

  • We need at least 2,000 subscribers and 2 potential leads within the 3 months following our text sweepstakes.
  • We would like to generate 10 new monthly subscription sales from our existing customer list.

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How to Set Your Text Sweepstakes Goals Based on Your Business Goals

Before you run your text sweepstakes, you should set goals for your campaign that can be measured. Without goals and measurement of the metrics needed to show your goal was met, you won’t be able to prove your campaign was successful.

Here are 4 steps that will help you to set goals for your text sweepstakes campaign:

  1. Define your overall goal(s). For example: getting the word out, increasing your subscriber list, boosting website visits, getting potential leads or sales, etc..
  2. Identify the metrics you’ll track to show success in reaching your goal.
  3. Determine how many subscribers, visits, sales, etc. you expect.
  4. Figure out how many text sweepstakes entrants you’ll need to achieve these goals. (You may need to take into account your closing rate of converting leads to sales, etc.)

Now that you know how to set your goals, you’ll need to structure the sweepstakes with them in mind. If subscribers are important, for example, be sure to ask for emails. Once you begin, regularly review your campaign analytics to determine if your campaign is on track.

Measuring Your Campaign Goals

Here are some measurement tactics for each type of goal:

Goal: Gain New Subscribers (potential customers)

Measurement Tactics:

  • Measure text sweepstakes entrants: You can gain subscribers for your mobile list or email list as long as you collect that data upon entry. (Mobile number is collected automatically.)

Goal: Build Brand Awareness 

Measurement Tactics:  

  • Sweepstakes entrants on Sweeppea
  • Reach or impressions of your marketing or advertising for the campaign
  • Engagement on your social accounts and shares of your sweeps’ web entry form
  • Press mentions, blog comments and website traffic

Goal: More Sales

Measurement Tactics:

  • The number of leads and/or sales during and after your text sweepstakes
  • Increase in sales conversions from text sweepstakes entrants

Set regular benchmarks for all metrics. If you’re just getting started, it may take some time to tweak your promotions before and during the sweepstakes so that you get the results you’re looking for.

Boost your SMS marketing ROI with Sweeppea. To get started now, see features and pricing.

Still Not Sure about Text to Win? Your Questions Answered

In every post on this blog, we reiterate the value of text to win and SMS marketing. If you’re still not convinced, it may be because you still have unanswered questions.
Here are a few answers to some of those questions to help you decide.

Will Text to Win Work for Our Brand?

The truth is that some brands are not a good fit for SMS marketing. For example, if the majority of your target audience is made up of seniors over 65, it may be best to test the adoption or use of text messaging in your market.

On the other hand, if your brand targets Gen X, Gen Y (Millennials) or other tech-savvy groups, then SMS marketing will probably reach the majority of your audience. For these groups, text is a long-used technology, so it’s something worth looking into as you explore new ways to market your brand.

If you work with Sweeppea, we offer full service campaign management to help you put together your campaign from start to finish. We have many case studies available from companies who have used our services previously and we can apply this knowledge to help you develop a campaign that is destined for success.

Why Aren’t Most Brands Using Text to Win?

Recent studies have shown that the majority of brands aren’t utilizing text to win. But it’s not because they don’t know how effective it could be. Unfortunately, there is still the perception that text to win campaigns are too difficult to set up and manage, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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With the right partner, you can run a text to win campaign with a simplified process. We offer a number of tools, including an Official Rules Wizard and winner picker scheduling, that are designed to walk you through setup while customizing options.

What Are the Benefits of Text to Win?

A text to win offers numerous benefits for your business including:

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Grows your customer list and improves brand loyalty
  • Easy to set up and you’ll see results right away
  • Keeps all participants, both winners and non-winners, engaged with future offers

Despite these proven benefits, your company or boss might still hesitate to run a text to win. To help you overcome that hurdle, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to convince your boss:

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No matter what you have planned for your marketing strategy in 2018, now is the time to investigate other options that will get you on more mobile devices.

Have any questions? We’re here to help! Contact us or open a free demo account to browse around (no credit card required).