5 Holiday Sweepstakes Ideas for Your Text-to-Win

Retailers Can Show Their  Text-to-Win Offer on Their Store's Display Windows
Retailers Can Show Their Text-to-Win Offer on Their Store’s Display Windows

The holiday season is around the corner! 

Which means it’s time for you to start working on your company’s holiday text-to-win sweepstakes.  If you  aren’t sure what type of sweepstakes to run, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 holiday sweepstakes ideas you can launch now for your text-to-win:

1. Text-to-Win for Members or Customers Only

If you have customers and followers that interact with your brand via a specific marketing channel, you can create a mobile sweepstakes just for them. It can be an extra bonus for joining your list, group or club or can be an incentive for your membership drive or campaign. Another option is to give customers a chance to win as a “thank you” for their business. Make sure they know it’s an exclusive opportunity and let new visitors know there’s an extra perk to being a loyal customer.

This is a great way to build a mobile holiday sweepstakes quickly, especially since you already have an audience that likely wants to participate.

2. Holiday Countdown Sweepstakes

Host a holiday countdown sweepstakes in the final days leading up to the holidays this year. In this format, you can give away multiple prizes to lucky winners. These kinds of multi-day sweeps with a new winner each day can build more excitement and attract more fans to your brand.

3. Instant Win Sweepstakes

Everyone loves winning right away and you can capitalize on that excitement with an instant win sweepstakes. Believe it or not, this can be run by text. Just set when the winner will be chosen in advance and it will happen automatically. For example, award instant winners every 50 entries or award one winner at entry number 250.

4. Procrastinator’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve

With a little humor, you can set yourself apart with a sweep right after the holiday. A local group used to have a Procrastinator’s New Year’s Eve party every year. It was a great success because it didn’t compete with other events on the actual holiday. Try a similar technique and have a little fun with it.

5. Sign Up and Win Sweepstakes

The holiday season is a great time to attract new customers.  Even a simple sign up and win sweepstakes will grow your subscriber list and make your offer available to a new audience.

If you haven’t already considered specific holiday promotions for your business, other than coupons and discounts, these 5 holiday sweepstakes ideas are easy to launch in our text-to-win platform. Sign up or contact us for help.

5 Promotional Ideas to Boost Your Text-to-Win

Do you have a promotional strategy for your text-to-win?

If you want to see results quickly, plan out your moves before your mobile sweepstakes launches.

Here are 5 promotional ideas to boost your reach online and gain more entries for your text-to-win:

1. Influencer Outreach

Know any influential bloggers or personalities in your space? Have them help you get the word out to their social networks to leverage reach. If you don’t know influencers, don’t worry. There are millions of bloggers who write about various products and industries, so it shouldn’t be hard to find at least 5 or 10 to reach out to.  

Write a personalized email to each one about your campaign. Then, ask them to announce it on their blog or social profiles in exchange for free product or a major discount.

2. Email Your Subscribers

Send an email out to all of your subscribers to let them know that your sweepstakes will launch soon. You can give some hints about the prize available to get them excited. As soon as your mobile sweepstakes goes live, you should notify them via email.

3. Issue a Press Release

While you shouldn’t expect CNN to knock on your door, a press release can help you announce your sweep not only to the media, but also to consumers themselves. Releases can help bring traffic to your website and may even boost your search rankings. Both of these things will attract more entrants to your mobile sweepstakes.

Send out the press release on the day your text-to-win goes live.

4. Make a Teaser Video

If your mobile sweepstakes involves an expensive prize, make a teaser video to build the excitement. If the prize is a vacation, for example, try to get shots of the location from the prize destination. There may even be stock video. Be sure to include instructions on how to enter in your video or accompanying text!

5. Find a Prize Partner

If you want to attract as many entrants as possible, don’t go it alone. Find a related business to partner with and offer a bigger prize to both of your audiences. It’s a win-win with double the exposure. Remember to choose a company that is related, but not a direct competitor.

How To Promote Your Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

Text-to-Win sweepstakes are evolving as marketers increasingly turn to new ways to promote their campaigns and reach consumers on their mobile phones.

As social media and advertising technologies evolve, new options become available. If you’re planning to run a text-to-win sweepstakes, promote your campaign on the channels likely to attract the most attention from your subscribers, while spending the least in advertising.

Here are a few cost-effective options for the best results…

On Your Website

Your website is a great place to advertise your text-to-win since it’s a brand hub that your customers and prospects already visit. If you haven’t set up a landing page or area for your mobile sweeps campaign, do it now.

A dedicated landing page is recommended because visitors can share it via email and social media. This will help you attract customers who aren’t already subscribed to your list.

Don’t forget Sweeppea offers an online entry form to help you collect entries. This can be used as your landing page. For example, your page can host a graphic and description and link to the sweeps entry form.

In Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all great options for promoting your sweeps because users that frequent these sites love visual content. Design a creative graphic for your campaign and to lead them to your sweeps entry page.

You can also set up a dedicated hashtag for your mobile campaign that includes your brand name or the sweepstakes name. This is especially important for Twitter and Instagram.

Social Advertising

While receiving social shares is a good thing for your sweepstakes, paid social advertising will help maximize the reach of your post. With organic reach in the Facebook news feed now significantly reduced, brands need to pay-to-play in order to receive the viral results that social media platforms can offer.

Email Marketing

Don’t forget email as it’s certainly not dead! Send an email dedicated solely to your text-to-win campaign and entice subscribers to enter or add a segment or banner offer your call -to-action “Text WIN to 65047 to enter…

While these ideas will help you start your promotions, don’t forget about sharing your campaign after it has already begun. Text-to-Win sweepstakes give brands plenty of content for regular updates to their owned promotional channels: news about daily winners, updates on available prizes, reminders about campaign end dates. All of these items can be promoted and shared to maximize the reach of your campaign.

Learn more about how to reach your audience with a text-to-win sweepstakes. Contact us or call us at (305) 505-­­5393 for help.

Running an SMS Marketing Campaign? How to Protect Your Brand


In any marketing effort, it’s important to protect the integrity of your brand and create a positive experience for customers. Unlike other marketing platforms, text or SMS has a few extra considerations.

Follow these tips to protect your brand as you run your text-to-win or SMS marketing campaign…

Follow the Rules

The best way to protect your brand is to understand the rules to ensure you’re in compliance. See our post on the rules of text message marketing. This is aside from the laws guiding sweepstakes, which vary by state. Abide by the rules in both areas to ensure you aren’t running any risks and also to assure customers they won’t get unsolicited texts. 

Stay Consistent

Use the same messaging format each time so that you don’t confuse your audience. If they get confused or can’t identify you, they might opt out. We suggest starting with your sweepkey, then the message. (Example: “MODA: Only 2 days left to enter! As a thank you, enjoy 15% off…”) Also, don’t dilute the influence of your brand by sending messages that don’t match your brand’s personality. If your company has spent a lot of time building up a playful identity, make sure to keep up this tone in all of your marketing communications, including SMS. 

Share Your Shortcode

You should make sure you do everything possible to associate the short code with your brand. At Sweeppea, our customers generally use our shared short code (the 5-digit phone number, 65047).  Sharing the short code is more cost effective for most, but there is also the option to buy a custom short code for your business alone. While this would be more expensive, it can protect your brand even further as you would be the only one using it. 

If you’d prefer a custom short code for your campaign, we can offer this as a solution for companies who have the budget. A custom short code can become part of your permanent brand identity, just like your logo or company colors. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this option.

Get Feedback

The best way to ensure your SMS marketing campaign is really meeting your customers’ needs is to ask for feedback. You can send surveys to request feedback about the promotion and to learn what customers think about your business. By using feedback, you can improve your marketing efforts to make them as relevant as possible for your audience.

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Text-to-Win?

When you run a sweepstakes or text-to-win, you expect it’ll generate great results. But there are a few missteps that could tank your numbers. Thankfully, this is completely avoidable.

Here are the top mistakes to avoid with your text-to-win.

Not Making it Clear & Easy to Enter

How should they enter? Is it clear on all of your materials and your website? Always include your text call-to-action (Ex: “Text WIN to 65047 to enter”), even in graphic images, since a link to your web form may not suffice. Test your promotion before it goes live to make sure your instructions are clear and to ensure any creatives you design include all of the necessary verbiage, including legal requirements.

The Barriers to Entry are too High

Are you asking them to jump through too many hoops? A long entry form, asking for more than 2 text replies or requesting things like video entries can be too much for many entrants. This depends on the value of the prize, of course, but if only a small segment of your customer base will respond, it’s best to change plans.

The Prizes Are No Good

Who wants to win a year’s supply of hot dog buns or a 2-day trip that includes an 6-hour flight? If the prizes don’t appeal to your audience or are kind of lame, your results will look lame as well.  If you don’t have the budget for a great prize, boosting the fun factor can go a long way. Put your creative skills to work and give offer something they’ll consider worth of giving up their information. How to Choose the Right Sweepstakes Prize

Poor Follow-up

Expecting your sweepstakes to translate into sales and brand recognition? No problem, but you’ll need to follow-up once the promotion has ended. Failing to follow up with a thank you text or email (maybe with a discount offer) and additional messages to continue the relationship means you’ll soon lose their attention. Keeping their attention!

Get attention for your company with a text-to-win. Contact us or call us at (305) 505-­­5393 for help.