Case Study: Cricket Wireless Uses Text-to-Win in Effort to Win a Guinness World Record

Cricket Wireless Uses Text Sweepstakes to Promote Guinness World Record Attempt

It’s one thing to attempt to win a Guinness World Record (TM). It’s another to win it. Enter Cricket Wireless with The Tale of Merrier Carrier campaign online. Using text-to-win and social media, Cricket promoted its attempt to win the title for the Longest Non-TV Promotional Advert/Commercial. And it won!

This was a 24-hour livestream on YouTube with celebrity appearances, musical performances, as well as live demos on beauty, decor and more. It was a very creative way to gain attention online, with several channels used for promotion, including a text-to-win with prizes. See their media room for information.

Objective: Create a sweepstakes to help build excitement for their attempt at a Guinness World Record.

Result: This helped them build momentum and gain a mobile database of fans leading up to the day they set the World Record!

We can’t guarantee a world record with your text-to-win, but we promise it’ll be the easiest campaign you’ve run!

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How Do You Know If Your Text-to-Win Was Successful?


Setting Goals for a Text-to-Win Sweepstakes

What does a successful text-to-win campaign look like? Even the biggest brands sometimes have trouble defining what a successful text-to-win campaign actually is.

This is because every campaign is different and the numbers that ultimately mean that a campaign was successful are different for every client.

However, there are some campaign metrics that you should pay close attention to if you want your text-to-win campaign to meet the goals that you’ve set. Here are a few ways to help you measure the success of your text-to-win campaign.

Total Participants

Your first goal for your text-to-win campaign should be to set the number of total participants for your campaign that you would like to attract. If you’re not quite sure how many participants your campaign should attract in order for you to consider your text-to-win campaign as a success, that’s okay.

In fact, almost all of our clients don’t have exact numbers in mind when we ask them how many total participants would be ideal. However, it is important that you come up with a ballpark figure for the number of total participants you would like to attract.

Redemption Rate

A high redemption rate for your text-to-win campaign means that the prizes that you selected for your campaign are highly relevant to your audience. In addition, it also means that that you were able to engage your text-to-win campaign participants.

Opt-Out Rate

The opt-out rate allows you to see how people react to your SMS marketing efforts once the text-to-win promotion has ended. If you’ve found there are a significant number of opt-outs following the announcement of the prize winners, you probably did not provide enough value to your subscribers.

However, a low opt-out rate signals that you’re able to keep your subscribers engaged, which means that you’ll have even more opportunities to market your products or services to them in the future.

When you combine these three metrics, you’ll have a clear view into the success (or failure) of your text-to-win campaign. If you want to guarantee the best results, you should also make sure to follow these text-to-win best practices as you plan out your campaign.

When you define your goals for your text-to-win campaign while also making a clear plan to achieve them, success is nearly guaranteed!

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Case Study: S. Rosen’s Consumer Product Company Offers Hockey Tickets in Text Sweepstakes

Consumer product company uses text sweepstakes to get endcap space, offer sports tickets as prize.

Consumer product brands like S. Rosen’s Baking Company often use promotions to not only promote their brands, but to also get special display space in store. In this case, their text-to-win offered a fun prize for customers (tickets to a pro hockey league game) and more attention with endcap space. As a business or a customer, what’s not to love?

Oh and did we mention our new Official Rules Wizard makes it easier to create rules? It’s one of our text-to-win’s features  they loved most.


  • To create a fun and engaging text sweepstakes to promote the brand and its bread products.
  • To gain preferential end-cap shelf space and product positioning at Jewel-Osco Supermarket and other retailers.

Results: Hundreds of participants entered.

Prize: Two prizes: Two tickets to an NHL hockey game in Chicago or a catered viewing party for up to 12 people with a professional hockey swag bag.

Client said: “We chose Sweeppea because we liked the Official Rules wizard feature.”

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How Breweries Can Sell More Beer and Get Fans Engaged with Text-to-Win

Breweries Can Sell More Beer and Get Fans Engaged with Text-to-Win -

Text-to-win is delivering some big returns for all brands and industries, so it’s no surprise that beer wholesalers and breweries are looking to get in on the action!

In fact, it is one of the best ways to build your brand with a targeted audience that is already excited about your products.

Here are a few clever ways to help breweries or wholesalers sell more beer while also getting fans engaged with text-to-win.

Pitch the Program to Retailers

Retailers are always looking for ways to promote products in-store and engage customers with fun and exciting promotions. Retailers can use your text-to-win to place new displays, ads in shoppers and more importantly, make an order.

Do a Text-to-Win During a Live Event

Ask fans to interact with your text-to-win campaign while they’re attending a live event, such as a sports game or concert. You can ask them to opt-in to your campaign for a chance to win free swag, backstage passes or food!

Send Winners on a Brewery Tour

Old Bust Head Brewing Company is a local brewery specializing in Virginia craft beer. They recently held the “International Gold Cup Races” Sweepstakes in order to offer a North Rail Car Pass to the International Gold Cup Races to the winner.

However, a second prize that breweries might want to duplicate is that they also gave away a tour and tasting at the Old Bust Head Brewing Company Taproom.

By allowing people to enjoy an experience at their brewery, Old Bust Head was able to get their mobile subscribers excited about their brand and interested in visiting the brewery itself.

Give Away Complementary Products

Customers love free stuff! If you want to increase engagement, do a giveaway. Offering a chance to win a trip to a music or sports event, is a great way to attract the attention of your fans.

You can offer a chance to win tickets, or give away items that are related to your beer products, such as the “SATURDAY DOWN SOUTH” GEAR sweepstakes that Bud Light recently held.

Bud Light Down South Text-to-Win

With branded merchandise, you can keep your beer company in the minds of your customers and also get more business through word of mouth advertising.

Keep the Updates Coming

Once you’ve got your mobile customers from your text-to-win campaign, you can also boost your sales later on by sending messages to both winners and non-winners.

Sending news about new brands or beer varieties can bring in more sales from customers who already love your products.

In this way, you can keep your fans engaged, build more recognition and loyalty for your brand, while increasing your sales.

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How to Pick a Relevant Prize for Your Sweepstakes

Wondering how to choose a relevant prize for your sweepstakes? Here’s how to do it.

First, you need to make entering your sweepstakes worth your subscribers’ time. After all, who’s going to provide their information for a prize that doesn’t excite them?

If you want to see a great response to your sweepstakes, here’s how to pick a relevant prize.

Give Away the Latest Tech Gadget

If you’re looking for something people will really want, the latest tech gadget is the perfect choice, as long as it’s relevant to your business. Keep in mind that the prize is the main thing that will impact the number of entries your sweepstakes receives.

A trending product is a great way to make your sweepstakes go viral. Everyone loves to have the latest tech gadgets, especially before they hit the retail stores. So if you can make a deal to get them on pre-order, even better!

Choose a Prize That Appeals to Your Audience

If you are looking for prizes that are guaranteed to be a hit, they need to appeal to everyone in your audience. Some examples are:

  • A year’s supply of your product where the customer chooses the flavor, size, color, or other product attribute
  • A vacation to a location of the winner’s choice
  • A gift certificate

These prizes all work because they not only cater to the desires of your audience, they also offer choices. If you want your prize to be successful, don’t put restrictions that could potentially turn people away.

Find a Complementary Prize

If you can’t give away your product, then you should find a complementary one. The beer brewery, Deschutes Brewery took this approach when they unveiled their “Yeti Cooler” Sweepstakes.

Each winner of the sweepstakes received a Yeti “Roadie” Cooler, which makes it a lot easier to keep their Deschutes beer products cold! Another reason this works is because Yeti coolers are premium coolers and very desirable.

Kendall-Jackson gave away Big Green Egg grills, another premium and trendy product, to help sweepstakes winners plan the perfect summer barbecue. Wine and grilled food, who doesn’t want that?

Think about the accessories that complement your product and it’ll be easier to find some ideas for prizes to give away. Make it more convenient for your subscribers to enter with a text-to-win as well. They’ll be happy to enter for the prize and you’ll be rewarded with sweepstakes entries!

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