How to Know if You Need Text to Win Sweepstakes Management

When do you need text to win sweepstakes management?

You’re getting ready to plan your sweeps, but the more you think about your campaign, the more you want a done-for-you service. Enter text to win sweepstakes management.

We understand. There are quite a few rules and best practices to ensure everything runs smoothly and it gets even more complicated in certain industries.

Not sure? Here are a few ways to determine if you need full-service text to win sweepstakes management.

You’re Not Sure How to Maximize Your ROI

This is one of the biggest areas where we can help. We have the experience under our belt to know what has worked and how to handle campaigns in various industries. We’ll also give you solid marketing tips, to ensure your campaign is a good promotional vehicle for your business.

Need Compliance Help or Overall Help

Making sure your text to win is compliant can be a big task, especially in certain industries like alcoholic beverages. Depending on the setup, your sweep might also need customized options or forms. Do have the resources to carry this out?

With full-service text to win sweepstakes management, this will be taken care of for you, including setup, official rules creation, registration, and state approvals for beverage brands.

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Your Sweepstakes is Ongoing

Year-long sweepstakes are fun, but a bit more complicated. If you’re planning to run your sweepstakes on an ongoing basis, perhaps for an entire season or year, you’ll have to notify numerous winners and arrange prize fulfillment. To ensure everything gets done as it should, turn to a full-service option like text to win sweepstakes management. It’s the best way to keep your campaign running smoothly.

What You’ll Get With Sweeppea Full-Service Management

With our sweepstakes management service, everything will be taken care of for you. All you’ll have to worry about is promoting your campaign to your audience. We’ll take care of the rest.

And it’s more than just checking off a list of tasks. It’s about increasing the efficiency and ROI of your sweepstakes campaign.

Here is a breakdown of the services you’ll receive with our full-service help:

  • Advice during conceptual development
  • Sweeppea account setup
  • Official & abbreviated rules creation
  • State approvals for alcohol sponsors
  • Compliance review of your advertising materials
  • Registration & bonding for your sweepstakes where required by law
  • Sweeps management
  • Drawing and verification of the winners
  • Publicity & liability releases for winners
  • Winner’s list publishing
  • Distribution of IRS 1099 Forms to winners
  • Prize fulfillment

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Biggest Text Sweepstakes Fails

Biggest Text Sweepstakes Fails

While we’re all for saving money, sometimes cutting corners on your text sweepstakes can really cost you. Unfortunately, not executing your text to win in the most advantageous way possible can mean that the hard work that you put in could go to waste.

To help you avoid falling into these traps, we’ve listed some of the biggest text sweepstakes fails.

Not Having Official Rules

Here at Sweeppea, we see this all the time. Companies think they that they are saving time and money by not creating official rules but it can hurt them in more ways than one. Firstly, having official rules protects your company against complaints and lawsuits from your text to win entrants.

Secondly, you could actually be breaking the law if you are not clearly outlining what the rules are for your campaign. Let’s say you’re a craft beer brewery but you didn’t write official rules that say only entrants over 21 are permitted to enter your text to win. You’re going to be in big trouble with regulators!

For another example of “no official rules” gone wrong, consider what would happen if a contest winner was unable to claim their prize for whatever reason. Then who would receive the prize? If you don’t want to get fined, shut down or end up in court being sued, always have official rules.

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Offering a Prize No One Really Wants

You saved money on a prize by offering a lifetime supply of weed killer to people who have ordered from your landscaping company. How exciting, right? Wrong!

When you make the mistake of offering a prize that no one actually cares about winning just to save money, you’ll only hurt your text sweepstakes campaign in the end. What will happen instead is that you won’t see as many entrants for your campaign as you would if your prize was actually something they wanted, such as a complete backyard landscaping redesign for a lucky winner or free lawn maintenance for a month.

Even if offering a prize, such as a vacation or new car isn’t viable for your industry, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any effort into coming up with an idea for a prize that will really get your customers excited about entering your text sweepstakes.

Not Using a Web Entry Form to Collect More Information

Every sweepstakes needs an alternative method of entry other than SMS as a general rule. In addition, you also need to collect additional information, such as your entrants email addresses if you want to continue to market to them after your sweepstakes has ended.

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Citgo and the City of Houston Use Sweeppea’s Text to Win Platform for 4th of July Sweepstakes

Texas City & Oil Company Use Text to Win Platform for July 4th Event

To celebrate 30 years of July 4th music, fireworks and fanfare on the Buffalo Bayou in the city of Houston, TX, Citgo used Sweeppea’s text to win platform to launch and manage their sweepstakes. The sweepstakes was promoted during the event and awarded winners every hour during the celebration. All participants had to do to enter was text the word CITGO to the number 65047 for a chance to win Citgo gas cards.


  • To build excitement and brand affinity during the event.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotions Channels:

  • In-venue advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected.

Prizes: 20 Citgo gas cards were awarded to 20 winners.

Create your own campaign with our text-to-win platform. See our features and pricing.

Quicken Loans Runs National Text To Win Sweepstakes

Text to Win Sweepstakes Promotes Quicken Loans Tournament Event

The Quicken Loans National pro golf tournament on the PGA Tour used Sweeppea’s text to win sweepstakes platform to launch their sweepstakes and promote their event. To enter, all participants had to do was text the word QUICKEN to the number 65047 for a chance to win tickets.


  • To promote the event.
  • To build excitement and awareness.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotions Channels:

  • TV channel spots
  • Social Media promotion
  • Local billboard advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected.


Two (2) winners received four (4) DELTEK Capital Club tickets to the Quicken Loans National (ARV: $400 per ticket). Two (2) winners received four (4) Rocket Mortgage Mad House tickets for the Quicken Loans National (ARV: $85 per ticket). Six (6) winners received two (2) Ground tickets for Wednesday July 2 (ARV: $50 per ticket).

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Text to Win Features You Might Not Know About

Text to Win Features You Might Not Know About

Even if you’ve used Sweeppea to run a text to win campaign before, chances are good you don’t know about everything the platform has to offer. Turns out, these features can actually help you get started faster and maximize your results.

Here’s a round up a few of Sweeppea’s most helpful features…

Official Rules Wizard

All sweeps must have rules in order to be legal. Our Official Rules Wizard allows you to set up all of the basic rules you need to run your text to win, including the prize description, drawing date, eligibility, and liability clauses. You also have the option to upload your own rules.

We always recommend consulting with an attorney, but the Official Rules Wizard can get you up and running faster, with a draft you can use as a starting point.

Web Entry Form

When you run a text to win, you are required by law to have an Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE), which gives people the option to enter your sweep without having to make a purchase or agree to text message charges.

To help you meet this requirement, Sweeppea offers the Web Entry Form. While the web entry form is useful simply for getting new participants to sign up, it also has another added benefit: data collection.

With the Web Entry From, you can gather additional data from your participants, including their email addresses, names, date of birth and other data so you can build a list of prospects for future promotions.

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Sweeppea’s campaign data reports allow you to get metrics on your campaign including total participants, click-thru on links, opt-outs, total texts sent vs received, demographic information, geo-location and maps.

You can also track your conversions from the entry page and traffic sources to help you uncover which marketing channels are delivering the best traffic for your campaign.

We make it easy for you to keep track of your campaign, even when you aren’t logged in, with monthly activity reports sent to your inbox. We also offer a Participants List Download, which includes over 15 data points about the participants in your campaign.

What else is included? To get to know Sweeppea and start your text to win, see features and pricing.