20 Ways to Find Out if You are a Closet Marketer

I believe we are all marketers. Regardless of what you do for a living, you have had to convince someone or “sell” something.

We all have to present a compelling emotional and/or rational argument to get our way, whether it’s for an idea, product, service or simply to get someone to follow along. So, I believe we are all marketers in the end.

The question now is… are you in the “closet” about it? It’s OK if you are. I have many friends who are in the marketing closet.

It’s time to do some soul searching. Try to discover and embrace your inner marketer with the next 20 points. Keep a mental record of the ones you agree with below and see what the analysis chart says about your marketing tendencies.

You must be a marketer…

1. If you drive on the freeway and read all the billboards.

2. If you don’t automatically filter out ads and like to read them or watch them on TV.

3. If you immediately recognize when you have an “impulse buy” impulse.

4. If you read the fine print on coupons.

5. If you wonder how junk mail still provides a return on investment, but set a budget aside for direct mail campaigns.

6. If you are so drawn in to TV ads, you forget which show you’re watching.

7. If beautiful packaging catches your eye, even though you have no use for the product.

8. If your ears screech when you hear annoying radio ads from car dealerships, but know that with enough repetition people will remember them.

9. If you’re nauseated by the annoying TV ads from car dealerships, but forgive them because you know they’ll sacrifice quality and creative to spend the budget on as many TV spots possible.

10. If you read subject lines on Spam emails, just to see if you get any good email subject line ideas.

11. If you watch the Super Bowl just for the TV ads.

12. 12. If you buy designer sunglasses knowing that you’re mostly paying for the money the designer spent on branding and are fine with it.

13. If you know creativity has nothing to do with budget, but everything to do with brainpower.

14. If you read marketing books like they were part of the Twilight series.

15. If you see your car’s brand logo on the steering wheel and think, “That’s good brand placement.”

16. If you visit Apple stores not to buy their products but to revel in the beauty of the brand and retail experience.

17. If you’ve thought about the potential branding impact of naming a child with your product’s name.

18. If you wonder whether the toilet paper and moist toilet wipes combination will ever replace dry toilet paper.

19. If you really love coupons.

20. If you offer your kid a 7-Up and he say he’d rather have a Sprite. And you think…damn branding, like Jerry Seinfeld says “Newman”.

Scoring Chart

If you agree with 5 of the above: It’s ok, marketing is in you. Foster it and it will grow.

If you agree with 10 of the above: Are you in a marketing position? If not, consider a new career.

If you agree with 15 of the above: Not only are you a marketer. You’re also a discerning one.

If you agree with all of the above: You and I are marketing soul mates. I embrace you as my significant marketing other and feel sorry for you, as none should be this way…I know.

If you don’t agree with any of the above: Text CLOSET to 65047 to get an analysis of your results. We need to keep your results confidential.

Add your own points or improve on the ones above. Tell me on Facebook, comment on our blog or email me at marcos@momares.com

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