Our Culture

Do Cool. Be Cool. Cool is how we treat each other and how we treat our customers. Cool is how we treat our customers' customers. Cool is when we serve others. Cool is the work we endeavor to do and how we aim to feel about the work we do. Cool is how we keep under pressure. Cool is what we admire and strive to produce.


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Meet the Principals

Marcos Menendez

He's all about customer success. Marcos is the guy most likely to answer your call and the guy that makes sure your text to win promotion is a hit. Did you know Marcos's story of how he met his wife was published in NPR? Listen to the audio story.

Martin Gaido

Martin is our tech brain, the man behind our text to win platform, its security, coolness and design. Not only does he kick ass on computer keys, but on piano keys as well. Martin is a classical pianist and composer when he's not online. Discover his musical works here.